Peter Pucci


What the critics say...

"BalletMet certainly has a hit on its hands with its newest acquisition: Peter Pucci's marvelous Suite Mizike. Pucci not only captured the flavor of the music, he captured the personality of the company. This is the must see of the year."
     — Barbara Zuck, The Columbus Dispatch

"Scoring big for Alberta Ballet was Peter Pucci's sensational Lifted by Love, a contemporary gem set to the music of k.d. lang. Pucci explores Lang's belief that sexuality and love rule supreme. The ballet is bouncy and brutal and yearning all at the same time. It was a joy to watch."
     — Bernard Pilon, The Leader-Post

"Colorado Ballet closed the evening with the premiere of Peter Pucci's Size Nine Spirit. Using social dance infused with ballet, Pucci seeks a hybrid style that reflects the enduring spirit of swing in dance today. Witty, racy, romantic and dazzling, this intricately crafted piece shows another facet of this versatile company."
     — Janine Gastineau, Dance Magazine 

"Mr. Pucci draws his audience into the world of a performer of unmistakable intelligence, integrity and sensitivity. He is a choreographer with a sense of humor and of deft observation"
     — Review of Peter Pucci Plus Dancers by Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

"In Picture of Sedalia, Peter Pucci's choreography is polished, showing both originality and Mr. Pucci's roots in Pilobolus. It is a strange piece, promising to be a crowd pleaser set to Scott Joplin's ragtime but full of dark surprises."
     — Review of Colorado Ballet by Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

"Lifted by Love, a premiere by Peter Pucci, is a pop ballet with a difference: streamlined and sensual, but soulful in its depiction of human relationships. Pucci's elegant style and contemporary sensibility find a compatible match with the forward-thinking Alberta Ballet."
     — Deidre Kelly, Dance Magazine

"The Joffrey Ballet presented a world premiere from Peter Pucci's steamy pas de deux from Billboards. The music was great, and Pucci has done an excellent job of blending contemporary dance and classical ballet. I don't know what this billboard is supposed to be selling, but I want it."
     — Susan Hall Balduff, Detroit Free Press

"Myth, by Peter Pucci, was an abstract work of such provocative imagery that it sparked all sorts of stories in your mind. The action was thrilling."
     — Review of Ballet Pacifica by Laura Bleiberg, The Orange County Register

"Pucci's Size Nine Spirit is about the sweet generosity of spirit and comes across as a love letter from the choreographer to an era we now look back to as an age of innocence."
     — Review of North Carolina Dance Theatre by Willa J. Conrad, The Charlotte Observer

"Ballet Arizona's sold-out crowd gave a rare standing ovation for Pucci's breathtaking Trio for the End of Time. The sheer force of Pucci¹s choreography was well matched by the prowess of his dancers and the visual impact of six dancers clad in angel wings descending from the back of the stage to form a circle around three figures at the conclusion of the work."
     — Lili Cockerville Livingston, Dance Magazine

The Joffrey's finale, Peter Pucci's Willing and Able, begins spectacularly with a sound of rebounding feet. With Jodie Gates and Philip Gardner as its blazing couple, the choreography spins into an electric, hard-edge, ecstatic dithyramb, a hair-raising complement to the final Prince number."
     — Alan M. Kriegsman, The Washington Post

"For the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, Pucci has created some very different works. Moon of the Falling Leaves is a facet of Pucci that hasn't been seen in this area before. Moon is a work that addresses Native America and its oppression by the European society that confronted it. Pucci has taken ideas of Native American philosophy and incorporated them into an abstract and stunning visual work for four men."
     — Glenn Giffin, The Denver Post 

"Mr. Pucci likes to make moving bodies create clear shapes in space that can be ingenious, witty, surprising or poignant. Pucci's witty choreography makes dances out of everything from human foibles to basketballs to Hula Hoops. Something for dancegoers of all ages."
     — The New York Times

"Nothing short of dazzling!"
     — Dance Magazine

"Peter Pucci shows his diversity, deft handling of music and his ability to coordinate lighting and costumes to his movement needs.  An uncommonly good evening of dance theatre. He has honed his skills well and refinement and good taste are clear in his work.  Stark definitive structural patterns are clearly drawn in the group pieces, and in his solos come great humor and character."
     — Backstage

"Pucci's choreography speaks with an individual voice. Gifted with an eye for imagery and an ear for music, he creates dances of clearly defined shapes and flowing rhythms... Something for everyone... lyrical abstractions and intense drama, comedy sketches and prop pieces".
     — Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Peter Pucci's modern dance lineage is among the strongest anywhere. Having spent nine years as a principal with Pilobolus, he ventured forth independently nearly a decade ago and has hardly paused since. Pucci's gifts are diverse enough to support all sorts of concentrations... Plenty of sass and splash."
     — Louisville Courier Journal

"...the ultimate in entertainment."
     — The Buffalo News