PUCCI:SPORT is a showcase for professional dancers and athletes, bringing together national talents from both worlds in a celebration of the joy of making sport.

SPORT takes the excitement of the playing field to center stage, mixing the buzzer-beating thrills of Basketball, the swinging choreography of Baseball, the fast-paced aerial moves of Badminton, the knockout drama of Boxing, the awesome dynamics of Surfing, the speed of Hockey, and the excellent moves of Frisbee.

SPORT turns any venue into a mini-stadium where sports and dance collide and cut loose. For the dance lover, the sports fan and the rambunctious kid in everyone, this event is a grand slam!

What the Critics Say…

“Dance Celebration loads the bases with PUCCI:Sport – which depending on your predilection is either a sports-based evening of dance or a dance-based evening of sport. You will be charmed by it!”

– Philadelphia Inquirer

“…At The Joyce, Peter Pucci’s PUCCI:SPORT was a capricious take on sports, and is destined for a long successful performing life. His succinct study of the mannerisms and camaraderie of players in the throes of the ‘game’ became an imaginative homage to what appeared to be Pucci’s own passion.”

– Pick of the Year: Backstage

“Take the ball-handling of the Harlem Globetrotters, the kick-line formation of the Rockettes and the dance iconoclasm of Pilobolus and you’re well on your way to PUCCI:SPORT the winning new work by Peter Pucci.”

– Newsday